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Kids in Preschool

New Horizons Montessori 

Valentino's Pizzeria has partnered with New Horizons Montessori Princeton Junction, NJ to provide meals for those families who would like to purchase a school lunch. We offer large and varied healthy daily lunches, featuring both hot and cold main dishes, as well as fruit and vegetable sides. All of the recipes are 100% nut-free and egg-free in keeping with school policies, and parents have plenty of options to be certain that everyone’s dietary needs and preferences are accommodated. 

Lunch Information

The lunch cost is $5.50 per day. Unused funds for the current month will roll over to the following month(s) until funds are exhausted. If the child will no longer attend school a refund will be provided.

Cancellation Policy: If Valentino's has not prepared the student's daily lunch, you can cancel without a charge please call, email or text before 8:00 AM. However, if you cancel after Valentino's prepares the student's lunch, you will not get reimbursed. When it comes to canceling, it's important not to wait too long to avoid being charged for the lunch. If you have made an order by mistake call us immediately for a refund. 
For more information and changes
Please provide the parent's name, the name of the child, and the classroom.

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